Blog 4- Great News

Interning in the city has not only shown me how a small city functions, but has also exposed me to how crucial a city’s departments are to its function as a whole. This is especially true in Highland Park, Michigan. Since 2002, Highland Park has been functioning as a city without a building department. As a result, the city’s employees have taken on the work initially assigned to that department. As you can imagine, this made functioning economically much more difficult. Interning under the Real Estate/Community and Economic Development sector, I’ve experienced first hand how difficult it is taking on another departments responsibilities while simultaneously focusing on yours. Fortunately, as a result of their tenacity and great work ethic, today Ms. Yvette Robinson, the Director of Community and Econ. Development, announced the return of the building department. This will not only lighten up the load on the other departments, but also assure that there are enforcers on every building code on properties throughout the city. This will also fix the infamous blight problem throughout the city because property holders who have abandoned their properties will now be issued citations. I am very grateful for the amount of change coming to the city.

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