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I am writing this post a lot later than my internship ended but it’s never too late to reflect upon one’s experiences! My internship at the Ashoka University’s Admissions Office in New Delhi lasted around 1.5 months but it provided me with immense learning. Not only did I learn a lot about the higher education scenario in India, but I also truly understood the value of a liberal arts education, which is a fairly new concept in India, with Ashoka being one of the forerunners. I made a lot of special connections with the admission officers, who shared their interview experiences with me, and even with a lot of kids who came in for their admissions.

Though I’m not sure if I will ever work in the higher education career field, I do believe that it’s a very exciting career choice. I think that this internship was so unlike anything I will ever do because I truly got to know how the admissions office functions, on what basis they take kids in, and how they make decisions. As a person who had applied to quite a few colleges last year, this was obviously very fascinating for me. One of my fondest memories of the internship was when one of the interviewers even let me sit on one of the Skype interviews with him! However, apart from learning about the career field, I also learnt how to converse with parents, solve queries, and think on my feet. There was a week when the entire admissions team had to travel to different cities for the interviews and my direct overseer was on sick leave as well. So, my boss left me in charge of the entire office and although I was so scared to mess anything up, by the end of it, I got through it pretty well.

I met a lot of interesting people during my time at the office. They clearly worked very hard at their jobs, sometimes even working the weekends and interviewing relentlessly. They even brought me cake on my last day!

I am thankful to the India Internship Initiative team for letting me have this wonderful experience and I recommend this internship to anyone who wants to excel in the education career field.


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  • July 27, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    Arushi, thanks for taking the time to reflect, and I’m happy that the internship was a good learning experience for you even though higher ed isn’t a field you want to pursue. I can imagine that when you were applying for colleges that you didn’t picture yourself running an admissions office for a week just a year later! Also, understanding the value of your education will help you to embrace it and to advocate for yourself in future interviews. 🙂


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