Celebrating Diversity | #2

Being able to work with a diverse group of individuals that come from various backgrounds has been one of the most valuable aspects of my internship. Regardless of our differences, I found a sense of community between my interns and I. Many of us share the same reasons in pursuing the internship with the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives. Our experiences come to shape each and every one of us as a person. Many of us know the difficulty of being a minority and due to this we are driven to do the work that we do. Working with those who are a different age, gender, race, and religion is such a valuable experience as we are able to learn through our differences and unite in each of our similarities. At each meeting, I learn something new that I know is valuable. Being a leader, I know this will all serve me well as I plan to dedicate my career to serve diverse populations. I have been able to learn a lot about the leader that I am and only continue to grow confidently in my abilities. This internship continues to remind me of the beauty of diversity and why it should be fought for.

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