Confirmation of my Career Path | #6

Coming to Thailand was not only to immerse myself into a foreign culture, but to also make sure I wanted to dedicate my career path to medicine. Before coming here, I had shadowed doctors before spontaneously, but the consistent shadowing every day allows me to develop a relationship with the doctors I shadow and learn more about medicine than I ever thought I would. This experience has definitely confirmed my commitment to medicine and is reassuring to know what my future might look like.

The part of my internship that excited me the most was getting the opportunity to watch medical procedures up close and follow up on patients. When I was following an orthopedic surgeon, I saw the patient come in to the out patient department to be assessed, saw the spine surgery in person, and also got to see the results of the surgery after. Seeing the whole medical process put more meaning into being a doctor because you are with a patient from the beginning to the end and get to see the beneficial change. I also really enjoyed learning about a variety of medical professions and getting a taste of the responsibilities for each one. It was also amazing to see the real life version of medicine that I have only heard about or read about in text books.

Moving forward from this internship, I really want to take classes in physiology and anatomy back at school, and I think it will be even more interesting to take these classes after because I have a visual image of the body. I want to participate in more shadowing opportunities as well. The most important part of this experience for me was confirm that all my hard work has been worth it and will be worth it in the future because I know I will genuinely enjoy the outcome.

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