Informational Interview #1

Informational Interview #1

I had my first interview with a cardiologist at the hospital. I met with this doctor because he was the first doctor at the hospital willing to let me shadow him. I also felt that he would be a worthwhile person to interview with because he spent two years doing research at Wake Forest University, so he also has connections in the U.S. and Thailand, which both can be helpful for me in the future.

We first discussed his research in American relating to cardiac MRIs. He was very willing to share what he learned from his experience. Our conversation then lead into how health care in Thailand compares to health care in the U.S. One of his biggest points was that Thai people can not afford a lot of the American brand name medicine, so they have to wait about 7-10 years for the generic brand to come out, which can have a huge disadvantage to Thai patients. This issue shows that one of the biggest issues with developing nation’s health care is the expense that comes with the the most scientific medicine.

Another interesting point that the doctor brought up was how certain parts of Thai culture lead to higher incidence of diseases than compared to America. For example, during fruit season, he said he finds it harder to control patients diabetes because Thai people have so much fruit in their diet at this time of the year. Furthermore, the doctor told me his favorite part about his job and why he chose cardiology was because there was always proof of diseases or issues through ECGs and cardiac MRIs. I really liked this point that he brought up because it shows how important evidence from tests are to allow the doctor to make proper diagnosis.

Overall, my interview was informative because we compared the health care systems from two different countries. I will use this knowledge when I come back home in the states and be more aware of the privileges that we have here. I also hope to educate others as well on the differences in health care between the U.S. and Thailand in order to create a more global perspective.

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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    Sounds like you’ve established a good connection!


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