Informational Interview #1

The woman I spoke to started her own event company over twenty-five years ago and we were connected through a mutual friend. Her company focuses on non-profit and corporate events. Having mostly non-profit clients means that the budget for the events tend to be smaller than a private client. Because of the tighter budget, more creativity is required to still produce a top-notch event. I find this really intriguing because I love to solve puzzles and I think figuring out how to get the most for the money you have is such a great way to exert your top creativity.

Through the interview I could see how passionate she was about her career and how much she truly loved what she does even after twenty-five years. This was so inspiring to me because I think it really speaks to the event industry that people can still find it as exciting after so many years as I feel today about my future in it.

As I have discussed in previous posts, I have been on a journey to figure out the exact area of the event industry that attracts me the most. I asked her about what made her chose the non-profit and corporate sector, and she discussed how she thinks throwing non-profit events is more exciting and challenging than just doing weddings, and other private events. As she talked about it, I could really see how she shaped her career around her interests, and how following her passion led to such great success. This offered a lot of clarity to me because it showed me how I need to pursue the area of events that is my passion and then hopefully I will also still find my career as fulfilling and exciting decades later.

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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Emily – Great reflection! After reading your previous entries, it is evident why this interview resonated. I am excited to hear about your future accomplishments!


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