Last But Not Least (Borough) | Blog 4

While I do enjoy being in the comfortable setting of my office, I found myself pleasantly surprised one morning when I arrived to my humble cubicle. Right before our daily morning meeting, my boss approached me and said, “Want to come to the Bronx?” Puzzled, I eagerly answered yes without even asking my boss to elaborate. I always appreciate any hands-on experience, and without even knowing where I was going I was excited to go see the Bronx, the only borough I have not been to, and a hub of a recent real estate boom.

Within an hour my boss and I were taking the 6 to the Bronx. He explained to me that he often goes on in-person meetings with potential clients as face-t0-face sales meetings are the most efficient in being deal-closers. We were heading to a mosaic factory, which I was quite excited for, as I am a lover of art. As we got off the train, I looked quickly from my Google maps to my surroundings, wanting to explore what an economic boom and a developing high-end real estate area looked like. I have always had a passion for real estate, one of the many reasons I enjoy my job, and always think of entering this industry. As we were walking around the South Bronx, I noticed all of the advertisements for developers and huge signs saying “coming soon,” and an image of an upscale building which would soon take the place of the many butcher shops located in this area. My boss told me that this area was the next “Meatpacking district.”

As we entered the colossal factory and showroom, I walked around for ten minutes in pure awe at how gorgeous all the mosaics were. The company sells and designs mosaic pieces for bathrooms, pools, and general decoration. As my boss and I sat down with the president of the company, I was briefly introduced. I remained quiet during the meeting, and took notes, which is a valuable skill I have learned to do at this internship. I noted how my boss effectively portrayed our magazine as an asset to the mosaic company. I paid careful attention to the way in which he spoke, and his convincing phrasing was effective. I thought that the company would not be advertising with us, but by the end of the meeting, the president had agreed to several advertisements, both online and in our magazines. The president seemed quite stubborn in not advertising, but I revered the way in which my boss was able to convince her to advertise.

So far, this has been my top experience as an intern. Listening in on how to be an extremely effective salesperson was inspiring, and I really thought it was awesome, in every sense of the word.


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