Maximizing my last year at Michigan #4

The reason I have always loved the event industry is because of the uniqueness of the job and the constant excitement. I could never see myself just working a 9-to-5-office job and loving what I do. I like that every day is different, every event is unique, you get to work with a wide range of people, and you constantly need to be reading people and identifying exactly what a client needs.

This internship has been extremely eye opening in showing me that not every area of event planning will offer me this excitement that I crave. While there are aspects of the corporate events that are interesting, overall, I find it very repetitive and it does not offer the opportunity to exert top creativity.

This has been a great learning experience because it has helped me to identify what aspects of the event industry I like and which areas I do not like. Corporate events can be a good change of pace now and then, but I could not purely do corporate. I think this shows me that I need to continue to explore private and non-profit events and really hone in on what I want for my future career. I can use this upcoming, and last year at Michigan to explore other internship opportunities so that I am able to identify exactly where I want to work after college.

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