Mid-Summer Blues

I love summer because I have so much “free” time, but then I load my free time with more things to do. In addition to my internship I am taking an online course, working another job, and juggling lesson planning – it’s as hard as it sounds. This week, I’m having the mid-summer blues, yet somehow my scholars found it way to make it feel all worth it.

Two days ago I complimented one of my scholars’s (Armani) hair. She had just gotten her hair rebraided and I’ll just be honest, it was FLLLLYYYY. She was so happy to receive the compliment and she went on to tell me about how long it took, her mom’s braiding skills, and proceeded to volunteer her mom to braid mine someday.

Fast forward to today. I was having a rough morning. I was tired from the week’s work schedule and drained from having over-worked myself all summer long. It is now week 4 of the program and the last three weeks are proving to be the hardest. Today she brought me a card and it read as follows:

“Please come t0 (her address) on July 22nd @ 2pm for a hair appointment with (her mom’s name) so that we can get matching braids.

You are the best servant leader intern ever.

You always make my day so much better.

I am so happy to come to Freedom School with you”


Now, the invitation was fake — she hadn’t even ask her mom’s permission to give me her address, but that wasn’t what mattered. Her card made me remember why I do what I do. “A small act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s world” and that’s exactly what happened. I made a difference in someone’s world.

I love working with kids because even when we don’t notice we are making a difference in a little person’s world, we are. We are not just changing their today or their tomorrow, but their futures by impacting them with memories that will last them a lifetime. We are creating future change agents who will move on to change the worlds of others.

Despite my mid-summer blues, Armani made me realize why I became a servant leader with Freedom Schools.

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  • August 2, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    How incredibly sweet and touching! Thank you for sharing!


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