Overcoming Obstacles #5

As an intern, we all try so hard to be perfect at what we do so we can make the best lasting impression possible. Everyone, even the highest boss, knows that it is okay to make mistakes yet we still try so hard not to make them. I think that one of the biggest challenges I had throughout my internship was not necessarily a mistake, but it was an obstacle that I personally had to overcome in order to meet my own personal goals. At the beginning, I struggled to understand the balance of asking for more work without being too pushy or coming off as annoying. I wanted more on my plate but I wasn’t sure how to ask for it. I also didn’t want to seem unappreciative of the important work that I was already doing. After a week or so of contemplating whether or not it was appropriate to ask to get more involved and how I would do so, I finally spoke up to my boss. I explained to her that I loved the work I was doing but also told her that I wanted more experience in other tasks and to think of me if she comes across other, more challenging projects. 6 weeks later and I am beyond happy that I spoke up! I have been working on things that I never worked on before and I have opened my eyes to so many opportunities within this field.

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