Receiving Praise for Projects

During my ten week internship here at The Nature Conservancy, I have the task of completing numerous projects for the Foundations Relations Team.  Each project reflects the different responsibilities this team has and I have learned a lot of new insight into the company and the Development department while working on these projects.  I greatly enjoy that the projects are not all focused on the same topic.  For most of my projects, I report to completely different people each time.  It is an amazing way to meet colleagues all across the department and understand the complex nature of development within a non-profit organization.

My favorite project thus far has been analyzing the Fiscal Year for 2017 and creating a baseline for the Foundation Relations Working Group, a team of leaders in the department that work to identify and utilize best practices for increasing the donor prospect list for the organization.  While analyzing the FY17 report was quite interesting, helping to create the baseline for FY18 and the workplan for FY18 was an amazing opportunity.  I created a baseline that will be used by the team even after I leave TNV this summer.  It is very humbling to know that even as an intern, I am able to make a lasting impact on the organization.  Additionally, receiving praise for my work I am completing is always a plus.  While I am just an intern, I always feel like valued member of the team.

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