Settled In

So far, I believe that I am in the middle of my fourth week here at Thyng. Being able to be a part of a startup environment has definitely been a great experience, especially since I have plans to attempt to work at one when I get out of college. I really never saw myself as a corporate guy, and now that I have experienced a non-corporate company, I really hope I end up at a company like this one.

Everything is just incredibly relaxed. I understand why companies have forever tried to instill a sense of fear into a lot of their employees, but being in such an open and collaborative work space has shown me that it can still be incredibly productive.

In the past week, I have done a ton of demos of our product for companies that my boss’s are planning on pitching to in the next few months. On top of these demos I am assigned to make with our app’s technology, I have also been assigned to brainstorm companies they could partner with in the next 6 months as they get their app officially rolled out to the public. I am really hoping that we somehow can show off our technology using Lollapalooza as a source of targets for activation of our AR software.


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