Summer Intern Blog#2 Work culture

I am lucky to have A as my manager during this internship. We have a pretty small office with only four full-time employees. I can tell that A is doing his best to build a relaxing work environment. A week before I registered, I paid a visit to the office and during the conversation, I asked about the work culture of the company. A said ‘There is no environment, just be yourself’. His word has been proved honest. I remember a day we had a video call with the head office to attend an intern speech given by someone from the CEO office. All the attendants from the head office dressed up in professional code. But we were in T-shirts, hoodies and A was wearing a baseball cap. B is our associate manager and he likes to walk with nude feet and place with his dog in the office. ‘Be yourself’ is the core work culture in the office.

This really make sense for me. In a small office as we have, and because we are working closely as a team, it’s benefitable for everyone if we are in a ‘free mode’, express what we think, encourage expressing new ideas even you are just an intern. Because no one knows which way will work and it’s not hurt to have a new voice. The folks from the head office, however, they are in charge of the logistics of the company, procedures are the things the follow day by day.  We are always joking about that in the head office everything should be ‘optimized’.

Thus for me, the work culture will work if it benefit what the office or the company what to accomplish. No matter how flowery the logo can be, if it does not work in the way which makes working in this environment easier for people, it’s meaningless.

I am pretty glad that I find an office with free working environment. But I know in my professional path, in the most case, I will not be able to choose my working environment. Especially when I am a new graduate from the college and want to find a place in the market. But there is something I will not compromise: respect. There is difference in position, but people in different positions should all be treated with respect.

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