The Healthcare Team | #3

For most of my undergraduate career, when I pictured a hospital I always thought of doctors, nurses, and a few physician assistants thrown into the mix. However, working at Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan this summer has given me a larger perspective of the vast number of people that are required to make a hospital run smoothly.

While I am recruiting patients for my studies, I use MiChart every single day. Yesterday, I walked past an entire department I was unaware of that is devoted to making sure the charting system is functioning and usable to all healthcare professionals. Not only that, but there is an entire staff of people who working just outside the hospital in the valet or parking services that ensure that my study participants will make it to their appointments due to accessible parking in the busy city traffic ( especially during the Ann Arbor Art Fair). That doesn’t even begin to cover the accountants who make our department run smoothly, the custodians who make sure the hospital is safe and a great place to work, or the transport staff who help patients get to where they need to. When I leave work late after a procedure or late meeting, I am grateful for the security in the building and around the medical campus who always offer to walk me to my car or wish me a good night.

I am so grateful for every member of our healthcare team who makes my job easier and our patient’s experience more enjoyable.

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