“You’re Okay With Working in a Castle Right?” | #2

Upon arrival of our internship in Bro, Sweden we were notified that our office space was still getting renovated and that our offices were not done in time. Instead, we would have our own lounge inside of a renovated CASTLE. My mouth dropped as I stepped inside to the luxurious space with three big leather chairs and a comfy couch. I whispered under my breath “no way”. It was above and beyond my expectations because frankly I would be quite content with just a chair and desk for my laptop in order for me to get to work. Our boss gave an introduction to the company. It was made clear from the start that the other intern and I would be shaping up the company’s brand presence – anything from social media to creating the website, to starting marketing campaigns was what we were responsible for completing. I felt motivated and ready to start what would hopefully be my first successful internship abroad.

The next day we were told we would be relocated into a studio complex beside the castle. When I didn’t think any other workspace  could beat the castles workspace, one in fact did. Our new, sunny, new studio floor became all to ourselves and included a kitchen, cozy lounge, bluetooth speaker, tv, a photoshoot room and two conference rooms. The other intern and I felt absolutely spoiled with the extra amenities in this room as compared to the other room in the castle. The best part about our studio was that our workspace environment was interchangeable. We could sit in the lounge on the couch or comfy chair, or sit in a more serious setting, like in the conference room.

Outdoor seating was also available below the photoshoot room. We both knew our creative brains worked best in this type of interchangeable environment, especially with daily sunlight shining in to brighten up our days.

Our studio workspace works wonders for my work style. I love to feel at home and relaxed at a work. Somedays, I will spend all day on the couch, and others up right in the chair. On break, we are allowed to leave for lunch. An hour away from the studio gives me time to explore the nearby running trail or cook a nice lunch at home. Break time during this internship is very refreshing and increases my concentration level because I’m able to recollect my thoughts in an organized way – ultimately relieving any stress.  Even though our work days are the standard 9am-5pm (which typically drags on for me in other jobs), they fly by. Our days are becoming so efficient and the workspace I’m in caters to every single one of my work needs. My boss checks in every few hours on us to help things run smoothly and in the right direction. I feel very special working for this tea company I love in Sweden (new site coming soon, be on the watch out!). I honestly think it is out of a dream and guiding me towards a better future as a student. 

3 thoughts on ““You’re Okay With Working in a Castle Right?” | #2

  • July 21, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Wow – A castle?!?!? Returning to U-M will be difficult! It sounds like your work space matches your opportunity to develop through your internship!

  • July 23, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing :-)!!

  • July 27, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    Wow, even without the part about working in a castle, the internship already sounded amazing! Hope you still want to come back to Michigan at the end of the summer!


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