7. Doviđenja!

My last day at GONG was just this Friday, and I’m really sad that I’m leaving a great community so soon. I’m happy that the research, projects, and volunteering I’ve done has helped GONG and other nonprofits a little bit. I was very happy that my supervisors kept challenging me meaty tasks and projects, making this summer worthwhile for both of us.

I knew that my time here was short, and I’m glad that this internship was a mutual exchange of ideas and learning. These projects and events helped me understand the political, educational, and cultural context of Croatia and Eastern Europe, regions that have rarely been discussed in my educational career. As I continue my journey in education reform, I hope to bring back the lessons I’ve learned from GONG to the US.

I’m so glad that I decided to come work for GONG at Croatia. When I applied for this internship, I didn’t even know where Croatia was on the world map. But now I’m leaving with a great experience and plenty of knowledge of a region I never considered studying before. In the future, I hope that others behind me will push themselves to study and work at non-traditional areas to expand their boundaries of the world. Even though it’s a small country, Croatia has so much to offer to me. Doviđenja Hrvatska!

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