Blog Post #2: My Favorite project

My research experience this year has been great! I have learned so many techniques in the lab that i did not even know existed. I have also been reading a lot of scientific research papers in order to get the full meaning and understanding of the techniques I use. Every experiments seems to be an a big part of the la and hold great significance to not only our lab, but to the general body of science. While every experiment is an adventure in and of itself, I would say my favorite experiment/lab technique would have to be Western Blotting. This process took me a couple of time to get correct but it has become one of my favorite things to do in the lab. I like Western Blotting the most because it is very different from everything else i do in lab and requires a large amount of focus to do properly. It is also an all day process so you have to start it early in the morning if you want to leave work on time. Besides the actual procedure, I remember hearing about what a Western Blot is when i was in high scroll but never really understood the point of it, so the fact that I’m doing Western Blots on a daily basis is quite a privilege.Preview attachment 20170717_122449.jpg


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