Leadership | #4

As a banking intern, it would be anyone’s guess that because you are at totem pole, you have no voice and must obey the orders of your superiors. Yes, you need to complete the work they delegate to you, and yes, you may have to do tasks that aren’t very enjoyable. But it is important to do these tasks because it shows hard-working character and the willingness to get the job done. On the topic of leadership, initially I didn’t know what leadership experiences could be taken from my internship. Upon further reflection, I believe I am beginning to understand the multitude of meanings behind the word ‘leadership’. Leadership takes on many forms. My managing director (MD) exemplifies leadership by his non-stop work and distribution of deal work. I can show leadership through ownership; the work that I do is the work that I have to show for Much of what an analyst can show are the essential traits defining leadership. The difference between an MD and me is that my MD is managing, whereas I am not. Too often do I, and I would assume others, synonymize leadership and management. Managing is very much requires a different set of skills compared to leadership, although they are complimentary. Managers must set objectives and divide tasks accordingly. The most effective managers motivate and communicate well with their subordinates. Leaders take initiative and show drive. They are accountable for their own actions as well as those that work with them. Displaying leadership qualities is dynamic, not necessarily set within certain characteristic parameters.

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