Informational Interview | Jared Wangler

I sat in with a great mentor that I have had thus far. I met with him and discussed my future career path because he is someone who has an entrepreneurial mindset like myself. He works within the Valiant Brand, as well as working with Sports Agencies in Chicago representing football players in the NFL. Previously, he worked as the right hand man to Coach Jim Harbaugh. He is still fairly young, so he and I relate to things pretty well.

He is a great mentor because of who he is as a person. I have not come across a more positive hard worker. He is someone that embraces challenged instead of complaining about them. He sets the bar high for his co-workers, which is important to have in any company. He understands how to work with people and how necessary it is to have all hands on board to complete given tasks. He knows how to bring others along, even when some are not as motivated to get the job done as he is.

With talking with him, I was given the advice to not overthink myself regarding my future. He was very adamant about taking life as it comes, especially as a young person in the sales world. He advised to always be confident in what you are doing and to meet as many people as I can to build a strong network. I will continue to work hard in everything I do, while taking his advice by not worrying so much about the future, and focus on the present.



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