Overcoming Obstacles

Something that has always been an obstacle for me is my confidence in myself. I always set my standards for myself so much higher than is reasonable, and often so high that they are simply unachievable. During this past school year, I realized that this was a problem in my life, and have tried to be more conscious of it to be able to work on it. This internship has helped tremendously in helping me believe that I am capable and competent of much more then I think.

This has happened due to the management style of my boss.  She is the most hands-off boss I have ever had, and I have really enjoyed it. My first day I went into her office, and she explained five or so large projects that were on going. She said to choose what was most interesting to me, and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to work on multiple ones and have enjoyed it. One project I’m working on right now is creating videos to be used during campaign season and for advertisement in general. I’ve never created a video in my life, and would not say I am particularly savvy in this niche. However, I have been able to be the head of the project and have learned more than I could’ve expected.

In every step of the process, I have brought my ideas and plans to my boss, only to get whatever extra insight she has before we implement them. It has helped me so much to understand that I am very competent and knowledgeable about different aspects of marketing, and that I can accomplish anything I pursue.

Whenever I ask my boss questions, I normally receive a lighthearted response of “I don’t know Megan that’s your job to figure out!” I have loved the this approach, and it has helped me think more creatively and believe more in myself. After this experience, I will think more highly of my ideas and input, and hopefully begin to speak out sooner and more often in future experiences.

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