Photos Of My Job | #2 | Jared Wangler

So let’s start with these wacky suits that are pictured above. What are these suits and why are these celebrities pictured with them? One of my responsibilities with the Valiant Brand is to place the product in the hands of icons, whether its a sports star, musical artist, or any other celebrity. These outrageous University of Michigan sport coats were made as a marketing product. They’re bold, flashy, and spark conversation whenever they’re seen. They bring Valiant to the attention of others. So, my co-workers and I were able to get Marcelo Viera Jr., soccer star for the Real Madrid soccer club, to sport it when they played their friendly against Chelsea in the Big House.

Taking it a step further, we were able to get Quavo, a member of the popular hip hop group “Migos” to wear it and even post it out his Instagram page, garnering the views of millions of others. All of this media attention boded well for the product, as the Valiant sport coat’s sales did well in the M-Den.



Next we have Tony Harrison, a professional boxer out of the city of Detroit. We sponsored Tony throughout his training leading up to the light middleweight world title. Tony loved the Valiant Brand product, posting about it frequently on his social media platforms.

Next we have Big Sean. Big Sean is an advocate of Michigan Football, visiting the team from time to time and attending at least one game a year over the past few years. We were able to sneak Big Sean a Valiant Brand hat, which he chose to wear during the Wolverines Homecoming Game vs. Illinois in 2016. It was a BIG deal that Big Sean was present at the game, so naturally many photos of him were taken, all with him rocking a Valiant branded hat.


Last, we have Jabrill Peppers, a recent first round draft pick from the University of Michigan. Jabrill owns many Valiant products and has been very helpful to us by wearing our product during his workouts and interviews.


All of these examples of well known people wearing the Valiant Brand is a part of what I do for the company. It is imperative to have some product placed in the hands of people where it will be seen by many.


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