Self Evaluation | #4

By now we have reached the midpoint of our internships and it is time to take one big step back from the day to day hustle in order to evaluate our selves and our experiences from an outside perspective. My first original goal was to increase my responsibilities within the company and to get a more holistic view of what it takes on a daily basis to run a company. I wanted to be more involved with the behind-the-scenes processes of making the metaphorical wheels spin. Since then we have had a more open line of communication throughout the command chain as well as the production chain. Our team and I recently met with a big time businessman from China who owns many factories and several other businesses there. We left the meeting on excellent terms and his parting statement was that his factory is our factory, which was music to our ears. This is the kind of responsibility and involvement that I was looking for- I wanted to be more involved in meetings like this. I would say that I am doing well in terms of reaching my main goal from the beginning of the internship, however, the tough part will be maintaining this kind of responsibility when football season starts back up.

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