Blog Post #2 – The MTA & Me

Day 5: It was hot. I mean 90 degrees, sweating-on-the-way-to-work hot. Yet I powered through the barely air conditioned subway cars and platforms, weaving through body heat and tired eyes. Walking to Grand Central was great in theory – it was New York City. Grand Central was one of many timeless symbols of New York. Yet it didn’t feel special when it only held subway delays, overpriced meals, and too many people.

But past the morning commute and rush hour times, I’m enjoying the work I do at my internship. There are now other interns on this campaign, and I’m glad to be working with them. Canvassing, petitioning, sending out physical and electronic mail, etc. doesn’t seem so bad when there’s more than one or two people working on it. The atmosphere has become slightly more entertaining, as interns get to know one another in the cramped office space they have. But from what I hear, I can’t complain – other campaigns might not even have air conditioning, or managers as considerate as mine.

Though I prefer office work, I’m grateful to be out and about, knowing that I’m helping get one more vote, flyer out, or donation to the campaign. On days like this, I dread being out on the streets, asking for signatures from the people just wanting to get to their final destination. In the arguably the most republican neighborhood of NYC, we all have moments of frustration, but at the end of the day, I’m part of something greater, and I’m grateful for it.

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