Envelope Glue and Habitual Scripts | #3

This week, my big project was exactly that: a big one. We’ve chosen all of the student work for the OMNIBUS publication, which is roughly 80 pieces. For these 80 pieces, my supervisor printed all of them out along with copies of a letter to the students’ families congratulating the student and asking if the written pieces look up to their standards as the writers.

Getting a head start on addressing envelopes the night before sending them out.

Before I could even stuff these into envelopes, we had to make sure that we had the publication consent of each and every student on file, in hand, and scanned into our Drive folder. In this process, I became acquainted with Russell (the printer/copier; the staff named it after a character in an older movie called 9 to 5) and contacted much of our staff at Liberty Street and in Detroit asking for the consent forms specific to their programs (such as our in-school and tutoring programs). We still have a few forms and addresses missing, but we’re on it.

All addressed and ready to go!

This afternoon during my store shift, I hand-addressed and licked so many envelopes after stuffing them that I’m surprised I only got one paper cut. Envelope glue lingered on my tongue for a bit thereafter, but it tasted like hard work. During this same store shift, I had many more customers and visitors than usual thanks to art fair. Typically I’ll have a small handful of people coming in during this two-hour section of a Friday afternoon; today I had a few handfuls. Somehow I still got my work done while telling all of these visitors what 826michigan and the LSRS&RS is, which has become second nature to my tongue (even after all that envelope glue). It’s like a script that my mouth follows whenever somebody walks in, or if ever I’m telling a friend about it. After a staff member relieved me from the store, I thought about how often she and the other staff members say their scripts. They’ve been here much longer than I have, so I wonder if it gets cumbersome at all.

Today was a busy day, but worthwhile. Art fair is in full swing, and I found Art Fair Scavenger Hunt Bingo sheets on the table at work with a few things crossed off. Us robotiers know how to enjoy ourselves with all of these Ann Arbor visitors—people-watching is our specialty.

People-watching perch.


PS I usually write hyphens with a space like – this, but our style guide requires it to be longer and without space like—this, so it’s safe to say I’ve internalized these guidelines through all of my copyedits.

Haley W

Rising LSA senior studying Creative Writing & Literature hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Summer editorial intern at 826michigan, a non-profit organization that provides free writing and tutoring services for students ages 6-18 in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit.

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