In the City | #3



After adjusting to the routine of work for a few weeks, I was taken out on a company field trip with all the other interns to bond and network. Sitting in a cubicle with three computer screens facing you everyday isn’t exactly the most exciting summer ever but getting to go on a field trip made my internship more exciting. The other interns and I went to the Phillies baseball game: we took the subway to the field and were treated to classic Philly sports food like crab fries and sweets. The game was certainly a change of pace from my typical work day but it brought the other interns and I much closer. We also got the chance to talk to some executives and managers from our company–helping us learn to network while we munched away on our food. One aspect I enjoy about my internship this summer is the fact that I can freely communicate with all levels of management while also learn practical skills that I can apply to other jobs in my future.


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