Morning at the (Urban) Farm #2

This week, all of us interns had the awesome opportunity to go to Randall’s Island to help out with their urban farm. We helped weed their apple trees and even got to hold chickens at the end. This was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow interns better. Over the course of the internship, I have gotten to know the two other interns in my division very well because we work together every day but I haven’t had the same opportunity with the rest of the thirty-person class. I even learned that one of the other interns became friends with someone I know while she was abroad and she also lives exactly a floor below me this summer!

While the experience alone was cool, I think it was important for my internship experience because it showed a lot about the bank as a whole. I always see postings about different service opportunities and engagements outside of the office but now that I’ve actually been a part of one of them, I know they aren’t just superficial postings. This showed me that the bank values the local community and the employees beyond just their ability to produce good work. These values are important to me and will be an important factor as I approach the end of my internship and look towards finding a full time job for next year.

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