Reliable Team Member | Blog #3

This week marked the end of the 3rd full week of work, and a full month if we count the week of training. I still have more than a month of work left, and things are moving really quickly. Not even halfway through the internship, I can’t imagine how much more progress awaits me. Since I last posted last week, I’ve become even more proficient at quintessential workplace skills like making Powerpoint slides and Excel spreadsheets. I set a goal for myself to be able to use Excel without a mouse and I’m already there quite comfortably.


This week I started to feel less like an intern and more like an equally capable team member. I was able to conduct analyses I would not have been able to do a month ago. It felt good to know that the team could trust me for most anything at an Associate level, and all of my feedback has been continuously positive. The people here are great, and I honestly wouldn’t mind spending time with them outside of work. It’s always cool to get to know them at intern events like Go-Karting, kayaking on the Chicago river, and the occasional happy hour. You can’t say the same at a lot of workplaces; not everyone is interested in divulging who they are outside of work. But everyone here is very much a “real person”, and bring their whole selves with them everywhere. I really like it here.


The featured image above is from a particularly interesting high-rise building near the office in the Prudential Building; I’ve picked up a greater interest in architecture after having been in Chicago for a month, and must say that there is a rich architectural history here. It’s been something I’ve explored quite a bit in my time outside of work, and it’s always good to continue learning outside of the office.

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