Slowing Down

Week 5 happens to be the 4th of July holiday, and everyone got 2 days off!


Unfortunately, I had a serious stomach flu after the holiday and stayed in bed for almost a week. Saw a doctor and took antibiotics. My supervisor was very caring and wanted me to rest until feeling better. The sickness happened to be a point for me to slow down, re-evaluate my paces, and examine how I was doing over the past month.


So, before the internship started, I set three goals:

  1. Establish good relationships with mentors and coworkers.
  2. Obtain new skills and learn as many things as possible in this industry.
  3. Challenge myself with the improving my communication skill.

These goals still accurately describe my experiences while I would like to add some more details and possibly new goals:

  1. To be able to clearly communicate in mathematical/statistical sense—this is rather vital in conveying persuasive and strong ideas.
  2. Acquire new and/or deep knowledge of business-related fields (especially in finance), and to form comprehensive understandings between different fields.
  3. Combine what I have learned with real-life events/scenarios to strengthen professional skills.


In terms of my performance, I would rate it 80 out of 100. I was doing quite well over the past month—completed tasks on time and effectively, sought help when in doubt, quickly adapted between different areas, etc. What I didn’t do well was to clearly communicate about my opinions and how did I get to my results and my reasoning. This was added to my recalibrated goals in order to improve.

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