Blog #2 The End is in Sight

This week marked the beginning of the last half of this summer program – and more importantly marked the last couple of weeks I have with my kids. At my most recent site staff meeting we began to plan our end of summer camp party we throw for the kids. At first I thought this was crazy to start planning already and that it could absolutely be procrastinated until next week, however after looking at the calendar I realized we only have 2 weeks until camp ends. So my plan to procrastinate until next week was smartly short lived.

Thinking about camp ending is really weird because I feel like I’m really getting to know my kids and get really attached to them – only to leave them in 2 weeks. If anything this experience has taught me that yes, I would love to work with young kids but also no, I can’t be a teacher because getting a class each year where you have a whole NINE months to get attached to these kids to then just pass them onto the next grade is not something I could do. It’s only been ONE month with my kids and the thought of not seeing them every day doesn’t float my boat.

In the moments of accepting that the end of camp is near I’ve realized I want to give my kids some sort of gift or craft to remember me by – which sounds super sad, because it is – but I would like for them to have something that reminds them that they are important to me regardless of camp being over. I will probably try to procrastinate doing this just as I did the end of the camp party planning – but I know I’ll get to it. As much as these last two weeks are going to be a tad sad, on the bright side it’s going to make everything more special. So even when kids are cranky or unreasonable I’ll be overly sentimental about it being ~the last time they’ll wine to me about math~ to even be any bit bothered by it. 

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