Blog 4. Cryospa Detroit

So far my internship with Cryospa Detroit has been amazing. Ive learned a lot about the business side of this company as well as learning how to sell the product. I had two goals going into this internship, they were to Never Shun a Chance to Learn More About the Company/Industry and get as much exposure as possible. I think that I am succeeding at both goals. As for the first one Ive learned a lot of new things about the product and the best ways to sell it to the customers and have used that new knowledge to accomplish my second goal. One of the jobs I have in this internship is that I have to take a portable Cryospa machine to new places such as chiropractic offices, gyms and even private events and let people demo it and get feedback about our product and hopefully gain clients along the way. Something I think I am doing well is that I am very optimistic with every job and opportunity that I am doing. I have had the oppurutunity to meet a lot of new people and I am getting my name out there, hopefully that will lead to another internship next summer. For personal growth I think I can just keep learning about the product because sometimes with questions that are asked about the machine I get stumped. But practice makes perfect and other than that I am having so much fun and excelling at my position.

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