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As week four of my internship comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned so far and the implications it has for my future. This was the first week out of training, and I definitely felt it on Monday! I struggled with the “customer engagement” part of my job, which requires me to be on the phone a lot, a skill I am not very comfortable with. I spent the week working with my mentor Logan to ease me into this role to help me get more comfortable with reaching out to clients and standing my ground on the phone. Logan has been a great resource- really encouraging and knowledgeable but also letting me work through challenges alone to learn. I’ve realized rather quickly that the company culture here is truly about trying your best and supporting each other when you need help, rather than competing with each other for your manager’s approval or a promotion. I had numerous coffee dates and meetings this week with other employees, some in a completely different practice than me, but all more than willing to let me pose a few questions and perhaps learn from their experiences, which has been awesome. My favorite was probably with our CCO, who was in the office for a visit from the headquarters in D.C. As our merger is ongoing, he stressed a few points that resonated with me. One, that it pays to be patient, and though it is easy when we are young to “think in 6 month increments,” as he put it, in the professional world you have about 40 years for your career. As much as we are compelled to constantly be moving up or forward, being patient and learning what you can from a current position is invaluable in regards to gaining the skills you will need later. The other lesson that stuck with me and has been repeated by multiple people as of late, is the necessity to get comfortable with change and accepting change. I think these will both be important lessons to remind myself of not just throughout the summer but senior year and ultimately out of college, as I start to build my career.

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