Blog Post #5 – Sincerely, Me

As my final reflection on my time as an intern, I really want to focus on how my time in London has brought me to a lot of self-realization in regards to my future. Mainly, that my time having relaxed responsibilities and a college mentality is almost over. While this should be obvious, as I am about to go into my senior year, I was astonished when the actual realization dawned on me. And looking forward, I welcome the challenge with a bit of anxiety and a lot of hope, all stemming from my time here.

So, to brag about my accomplishments, my intern coordinator wrote my midterm review a couple weeks back, and can be quoted as writing “I would hire him now if I could!”. Yes, please, hold the applause for the end. But this actually was extremely motivating for me, as it is really easy to assume you are not necessarily blowing away your coworkers as an intern if there is a lack of feedback. But what this, and my extremely positive experience in my internship, taught me, is that I am actually on track to be hired somewhere. And after spending time with a company like Instinctif, I have found myself enjoying the real public relations sector more and more. This is where the hope comes in, as I look forward to these experiences being continued in whatever job I take on after graduating.

The flip side to this is the anxiety that the years of simplicity and ease are long gone. And this is normal, and exciting, but also a tad worrisome, as it means my future is now fully in my hands. Before, when I had parents that were my guides, or teachers, or really anybody else that guided my path, it was a lot less stress because I did not fully have the reigns. So now that I am about to be fully independent, it makes me wonder what this new world will look like. And luckily, with the help of my peers, and guides in the professional space, I hold confidence that I will be able to fully engage with this independence and make something of the freedom of adulthood.

So where exactly do I think I will end up? I am not entirely sure. And that was the biggest revelation from my experience here. Being in a professional environment, doing the work, and getting positive feedback, shows me that I am more than capable at surviving in the real world. So not knowing what comes next, or having an exact path does not make me as anxious as it once did, because I know my future is now in my control, and I am much more experienced to drive this cart than previous to my time here.

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  • July 24, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Adam, I’m glad that your work was both well-received by your supervisor, and is something that you enjoy. Perhaps keeping in contact with your colleagues at Instinctif will be a way to help guide your next steps (especially if they end up offering you a full-time position) in the PR industry, such as giving you feedback on skills to develop or on your application materials for similar positions.


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