Informational Interview #2

I had an opportunity to have an interview with a professor at the University of Michigan, College of Engineering. He is leading a lab that is different from the one I’m participating in a research internship.
Though the professor is really busy, I thick the fact that I was enrolling in his class in previous semester let him spend time with me. My decent grade in his class may also have helped. I realized that taking a class is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to make a connection.

Since I’m seeking a Ph.D. study opportunity after graduation and am quite interested in the research the professor is doing, I believe the meeting would be beneficial for my future career. Hopefully, the one to one relation outside of the class helps me impress and let him remember me.

In the interview, we talked about future research opportunity, general advice for proceeding research as well as how to pick a research topic. Especially, I could learn a lot from his advice on a research topic. The advice that not only the area of interest, I learned that I should consider the personal relationship with an advisor and the potential application of the research when I’m choosing a lab or a research topic. This advice can be directly applied to my current situation because I’m considering about which lab to join next semester.

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