Looking Back

I’m leaving India today, having spent 1 extra week here after my internship ended, and I’m actually surprised by how bittersweet the end feels. Arriving in May, it seemed like I would be here forever, the sheer scope of how long my stay here was going to be was quite daunting, and it seemed it would never come to an end. Now it’s almost weird that I’m actually leaving today.

I never would have imagined how much I would have grown from this experience. I have learned an unbelievable amount, not just in technical skills, but about myself as well. I can see in myself that I have become more independent and sure of myself. I have grown better at not seeing faults or things I don’t know as a weakness, but rather as opportunities. I have also become so much more open to embracing change and challenges, something Bangalore leaves you very little choice to do! During this internship there were so many moments that previously, I would have just bowed my head and accepted defeat with, but that was obviously not an option so I had to push through, and that has allowed me to grow so much.

This was so much more than just 6 weeks of writing code for me. This experience showed me a different side of the field I’m interested it, a different side of a city and it’s people I thought I knew enough about, and it also showed me a different side of myself. I have gained priceless skills, and formed bonds with people I’m sure will last for the years to come. As I pack my stuff today and board the plane back to the US, I may be sad that my internship has finally come to an end, but the memories and experiences it has left me with leave me, above all, so happy that I had this opportunity in the first place.

Rhea K

Interning in the summer of 2017 with Mahindra First Choice in Bangalore, India.

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