Mentorship | #3

I started out my internship assigned to one mentor, but as I’ve worked, I’ve collected a coalition of great mentors.

Aditya, a Stanford computer science Ph.D. candidate and my first mentor, helped me to understand the project requirements and goals, and gave me a glimpse of how graduate school looks like for computer science students, a future I’m considering to pursue.

Peter, a Stanford material science Ph.D. candidate, has taught me about the battery side of our project and has kept me on track by guiding me with his suggestions and insight.

Kristen, a MIT chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate, has inspired me to learn more about data analysis and visualization. Her guidance through our daily Skype calls has given me direction with my research and learning during this project.

I see many characteristics in my mentors that I would want to emanate if I were to become a mentor:


  • Knowledgable, and willing to share – My mentors have given me so many resources to read and use for my research. Without their advice, I would be lost in a sea of sources, unsure which articles I should read.
  • Trusting – I’ve been afforded a lot of independence in my summer internship. I set my own hours, and use my judgement to chose where to take my project.
  • Patient – When I got sick for a week with a bad cold, my mentors were understanding that I had to take time off to get better and appreciative that I kept my germs away from work.
  • Expectant – My mentors expect me to produce results they can publish later, which has really motivated me to do good work, and has show me that my role in their work is important.

One thought on “Mentorship | #3

  • August 7, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    They sounds like great mentors! So glad you were able to learn these lessons about mentorship and how to be a mentor.


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