Outside of Research, Inside Ann Arbor| Blog #4

Whenever I am not in the lab culturing cells or reading science journals in the library, I am most likely outside wandering Ann Arbor because it is summer, and there is much to do. Sometimes I walk to Kerrytown and grab food with friends at the Lunch Box. I love the atmosphere there. The warm weather, the hum of the light music, and the glittering twinkle lights have a peaceful aesthetic that I enjoy being around. I also spend some time watching movies. The other day I watched a movie at the Big House, which was a very new experience since I thought the stadium was only for football games and graduations. Campus is full of life in the summer just like it is in the fall. I still see just as many joggers, bikers, and tour groups as I do during the school year. I like that though because I too like to ride my bike around the city or jog to the nice mansion-like houses that are in town. Whenever I see those big homes, I envision myself living in one and use it as inspiration to keep studying hard. There is a lot of talent on campus, and I enjoy witnessing it. During the summer, the university hosts many musical performances in the Stamps Auditorium and I have attended one string performance so far that I thought was amazing. A lot of my time outside of lab is not only spent having fun, but also networking and learning more about conducting research. Each week, the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program(UROP) hosts seminars that focus on teaching us how to write a proper research journal and exposing us to the different research labs on campus. Sometimes for seminar, a doctor will come in and teach us about his or her research, which is a great opportunity for networking because the research topics range from architecture to something like aerospace. I am also in a journal club right now that focusses on discussing and analyzing the scientific research journals my peers and I must read to better inform ourselves on the research we are conducting. I guess you could say my time outside of lab is just as well spent as in the lab.

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