The ITS Experience | #1

May 12th, 2017

This first week at ITS has been quite an overwhelming experience – lots of information to process and consider. The first day was a little bit uncomfortable for me initially, but this feeling soon wore off and was replaced by one of wanting to take advantage of this great opportunity. There were a great deal of presentations and activities that happened over the two days of orientation so it would be hard to cover them all here, but I ended up learning quite a bit from them. I found the presentations and activities regarding company culture to be quite useful in particular – the concepts presented here were not something I had previously thought about in great detail, and I think they will benefit everybody in the future, as well as right now. To be honest, I was bored for a decent chunk of the first two days as well and I feel like a lot of the presented information could have been condensed into shorter periods of time, but this was to be expected.

When the actual work began on Wednesday, I started to enjoy myself even more. Once again a large amount of information was thrown my way, but in this case it was regarding the project I would be working on and was more interesting to me since it was about my field of study. My supervisor Ed has been very helpful so far, explaining things effectively and planning the project at a good place. Over Wednesday and Thursday I ended up engaging in multiple video conference calls, including one with the main group of developers who work on the project I’ll be contributing to. These were quite informative, and it was an interesting feeling to have to attend virtual meetings. Lastly, the foundations of my project have been established and this morning I have actually begun to write some code and really get into it. So far it’s been quite fun and rewarding, and I’m excited to continue with it on Monday.

I think for next week, I’m going to try to get more sleep each night. It’s a simple thing, but I found myself getting quite drowsy during presentations and activities so this would be quite beneficial.

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