The ITS Experience | #3

May 25th, 2017

Just like the last, this week has been quite productive and rewarding. My coworker Adilah and I are nearing the end of our first project, the SNMP plugin for Perfsonar. Last week, we were able to complete the core functionality of sending a query and returning information. Now, this week we have been working on adding small features and making it into something that a company or individual would actually want to use. We have added the functionality to query multiple pieces of information in one go, fixed the stability in a few areas in general, and are now working on a way to trap packets and send them if data has passed a specific threshold – I think this last one will be particularly useful.

Towards the end of the last week and beginning of this one, there was a bit of a problem on my end, where I didn’t really understand how github worked. While I was doing my end of the work, the contributions weren’t evident and I wasn’t exactly making a big effort to communicate this. I wasn’t even aware of the problem until Adilah confronted me about it, which was a great clarification for me and I was able to fix what I was doing wrong immediately. Now, we’re both contributing code to the same repository, whenever we finish a chunk we’re working on.

The interactions with my supervisor Ed have still been very smooth and productive – I enjoy learning more about the project, and always getting fresh perspectives and ideas on how to solve things. Along with Ed this week, I met with Mark (from Internet2) across video conference to discuss several things about the project, and also met with Pradip and John to learn more about SNMP. Mark was very helpful for working out the best ways to go about doing things in the project, and Pradip and John were able to offer lots of helpful information regarding SNMP.

As this week wraps up, I have a few tasks that I know need to be completed soon, as well as a good idea of what we’re planning to do with the project in the near future – communication has been good and I effectively feel like I know what’s actually going on. I’m comfortable where I’m at right now, still enjoying the work and learning lots, and am excited to keep moving forward!

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