The ITS Experience | #4

June 2nd, 2017

This week at ITS has been fairly successful for me, in terms of my project team. The core functionality of our plugin is pretty much finished, and now we are just ironing out the last few bugs before we are able to actually push our code to the Perfsonar repository. This morning, we met with Mark from Internet2 over video conference, and he was able to do a live code review with us and point out any potential problems spots for the future. This was very helpful since it’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes read your code and find important errors, especially a pair with so much experience!

Aside from the main part of our project being pushed out, I have begun working on the second branch, which involved archiving the data which is gathered from SNMP tests and sending it off to different sources if it breaks certain thresholds or limits that have been set. I think this will be a very practical part of the software, which will actually be used.

So far I have learned a great deal of technical information throughout this internship, expanding my knowledge of python, snmp, json, regex, and now jq and archiving. I’m enjoying the variety of tasks I have set out to accomplish, and that they all relate back to the same central project. I hope that I will be able to keep moving at this pace and keep producing more code the way I have been – it has been great so far!

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