The ITS Experience | #6

June 23rd, 2017

This week has been pretty standard for ITS. On tuesday, we had a code review with Mark Feit from Internet2, and as a result, our SNMP Test and Tool are very close to completion. This is pretty exciting, and they will be ready for deployment soon. In the meantime, we have started developing more snmp tools, such as snmpdelta and snmpset. Adilah has also finished work on the archiver for the snmpget results. The project has grown into something bigger than we had imagined at the beginning, and I’m quite happy about it.

Aside from the main project, I started my work on the cohort project as well – the ITS Backstage update. I ended up updating about 15 links to the newer dev backstage, and soon I’ll be meeting with a content owner to get some more links to work on and discuss. This project has been going quite smooth as well.

I also met with my mentor this week, for the second time, which was pleasant. There isn’t really a whole lot I seek to gain from the program (at least nothing that I can think of), and he’s completely fine with that, so we just ended up chatting for a while before calling an end to the meeting. If that’s all our interactions amount to, I’m fine with that.

Lastly, yesterday there was an interesting talk regarding the Vi editor, with a bunch of other programmers all coming together to discuss plugins and tips and tricks. I found this to be very enjoyable and interesting, and it was a nice break from the usual work cycle. I’m excited to start using some new plugins and to create my own Vim configuration.

Overall, I’m still enjoying the internship and have been learning lots!

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