The ITS Experience | #8

July 21st, 2017

With this internship quickly coming to a close, things have started to become a bit more hectic. In my department project, I have been working on snmpset, and need to have that done soon, preferably within the first few days of next week. It has been giving me some problems, but I have overcome most of them and it’s nearly a finished product. After that, Adilah and I plan to work on an snmp trap archiver, which will be our final development arc for the perfSonar project this summer.

In the cohort project, we are planning to roll the new backstage into production very shortly, and there are still a few links that I need to complete, and have reviewed the content owners. It’s going smoothly, but I think I might need to pick up the pace to make sure everything is finished in a comfortable time frame. I also need to worry about transferring lots of the files hosted on the old backstage to the box cloud service, and linking them back into the pages I’ve migrated.

Lastly, the performance review along with the project posters are something that I hadn’t been considering until today, so I’ll need to put some time into those and figure out what I’m doing. Overall, I think everything is going to go smoothly as long as I plan accordingly and keep to a proper schedule. I’m looking forward to having some finished products at the end of the summer!

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