Then and Now — Blog Post #3

When I first started my internship, I couldn’t have told you the slightest thing about the technical side of analytics. I didn’t know anything about inbound links and page hits, how to calculate them, or how to generate them. I’m happy to say at this point in my internship, I have been exposed to all three, although the calculation aspect is still a little murky (I may not be the best with formulas.)

I’m happy to have gained experience with the operational side of running a website, because all of my previous experience has been with content (writing, editing, pitching ideas, etc.) It’s so vital with today’s current businesses to have experience with technological details, and I’ve never been exposed to this type of work before. This kind of work has included working with excel sheets and gaining knowledge on how to generate totals for engagement, hits, and detail-specific organization, such as which posts garnered the most comments.

Marketing and public relations is also a new field for me, and I’ve been lucky to gain experience with generating inbound links for our website by social media engagement. This can be as simple as responding to comments on Instagram and posting stories to our snapchat story, or as extensive as rebranding our Pinterest and Tumblr pages. Either way, the goal of these actions is to help generate website activity, and I’ve seen how to successfully accomplish this goal.

I value this internship opportunity for allowing me the time and tasks to learn in these particular fields, as well as the patience of my supervisors for teaching it despite my position as an editorial intern. Shadowing in departments such as analytics and operations, in addition to my base work in content, has helped shape this internship into a well-rounded experience in multiple departments.

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