Time Flies

I cannot believe I have only one week left here in Hamamatsu, Japan.  The thing I will miss the most – the people.  Both within the company and outside it, people here are always willing to give you a hand or smile and bow.  I feel like the transition from the beginning of the trip was so easy simply because I had someone to go to for any questions I had or advice I needed.

I kept a daily blog for the first half of the trip and then stopped so I haven’t been keeping up with it for the second half of the trip.  I know I am a little behind here as well so here are the highlights of the past three weeks.  Every weekend is filled with going somewhere or trying something new.  Three weekends ago, we went to Tanabata (Star Festival).  Many people wear kimonos (Yuki-san gave me one!), there are paper decorations, food stands, and music.  It was extremely crowded but what an experience.  The decorations were beautiful and the food was really good.  There was a dj playing American music so I went over and started dancing.


Last weekend I went downtown to the 8 story mall and a really good dumpling (gyoza) restaurant nearby.  I have had gyoza three times so far…highly recommend.

This week at work, we visited the Roland Museum!!!  Not to be confused with Roland DG, Roland is the music company.  It was AMAZING.  First, it is a beautiful location.  I got to play the drums and piano overlooking a huge lake with the best view.  I had the opportunity to try out several instruments and tour the recording studio, completely sound-proof room and auditorium which had an empty space underneath the room that held a base speaker for sharper surround system sound quality.  Lucky to have had this experience.  It was really interesting learning about Roland’s history and seeing all the instruments.  Also, got to try DJing 🙂

This weekend, we went to Isa.  It was about a 1.5 hour drive to the ferry.  Then we took our car onto the ferry.  The views were amazing!  There were so many islands.   Once we got to Ise, there were a bunch of shops and restaurants.  I got some souvenirs and tried matcha (green tea shaved ice).   We had gyudon for lunch (rice with beef on top).   Then we got to the entrance to the shrine (biggest shrine in Japan).  We started walking through and it was beautiful.  Everything was so green and I’ve never seen grass look so sharp.

The shrine was really cool.  We couldn’t take pictures but it was nice to experience Japanese culture.

We headed back to Hamamatsu (tired from a long hot day in Isa) and we went to a sushi place.  The conveyer belt was so cool!!!  I am not a big seafood person but was still open to trying things – I tried unagi (eel).

It’s bittersweet with only a week left.  I have my final presentation at work this Friday in front of the HR Dept. and Exec Team.  Going to be sad leaving everyone 🙁

Anika D

My name is Anika Dholakia and I will be interning at Roland DG Corporation in Hamamatsu, Japan. Here is my journey!

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