Blog Post 1: What goals and expectations do you have for your internship? What are you hoping to learn from this experience?

First thing is first. I did an internship in the coastal forests of Ecuador and we didn’t have internet so I wrote down my posts in a notebook old fashioned style, and saved them to post upon my return. The internship was specifically focused on studying the species of hummingbirds in Ecuador, which is a big biodiversity hotspot as you may know, and their pollination networks. A goal I have is to do a solid job and take no short cuts because the data gained from the study is vital for creating and collecting information of different types of species in order to create better identification methods for the animals. Currently, not much is known in Latin American species of birds in terms of identification: aging, sexing, molt, etc. This information is important in order to correctly survey the populations in these areas. Also the knowledge gained of the different birds and the flowers they use can be pivotal in arguing for the protection of those species and maybe save them from extinction.  I would like to learn in what ways I could as an average citizen help mitigate the impact we as humans create by our activities like use of plastics and the purchases we make that could contribute to deforestation in form of foods and products.

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