A Completed Job | #3

A couple of weeks after starting my internship, my manager asked me to complete a task at one of my stores. I would have to travel down to my store to put up a display of Mission Instant Cooling Towels.

I went to stores a lot, and I usually did not have problems with putting up products. However, I could not locate the product in the back room. I checked with the Store Manager to see how many they had. It said that they had enough for a display, but I could not find them. After searching for about an hour, I finally stumbled upon the towels underneath huge boxes of other products.

I got them out from underneath the big boxes and took them out onto the sales floor. I went and talked to the Department Manager, named Zachary, of the section that the towels were supposed to go in. However, when I asked Zachary where I could place the towels he said that he had no room at that time.

I knew that getting these towels up was very important to my manager and to my company. So, I asked him if I could move some stuff around so that I could make room for the display. He said that if I could find room, I could put them up. As such, I moved everything around and finally cleared a shelf so that I could put up the Mission Instant Cooling Towels. The picture attached is the result of my work.


There were quite a few complications that I had to deal with so that I could do my job. However, I was finally able to do what I went to do. This not only filled me with a sense of satisfaction, but it also highlights the perseverance that I exhibit on daily basis.

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