A Lucky Summer | #3

I have really enjoyed this experience because of the rich cultural interactions and the amount of familiar faces I have seen. Everyday I go into work and I know that my peers care about me. They actually offer me to go get ice cream, they want to hear me talk, and they’re genuinely excited to hear about what I did during the weekend. I have made wonderful friends here and I have seen some of my friends from Michigan and even California. Everything I have done out here, I am grateful for.

During my first days out here, I saw my friend Mickayla Encinas from California. It was the first time I had seen her in over a year and I was excited to see someone on my first day of being in New York. It was just coincidence that we would both be here during Memorial Day weekend and I could not pass up the chance to see someone who had been kind to me throughout high school. I met her at Times Square and we traveled around the city before finally sitting down at a place called Stardust Diner and eating. While we ate, we exchanged our thoughts of New York and updated each other on how life was. I told her about my internship that was about to begin and she alerted me of all the adventures she was having at BYU. I was able to spend the whole day with her and it was a nice “welcome to New York feeling.”


As the summer progressed, I was able to see my best friend, Lisa Le, from the University of Michigan. I got off of work and met her near Coney Island. It was exciting to see Lisa and catch up with her. We celebrated the evening because we both had achieved our goals. The whole night we talked about how we had worked diligently to get to the position we were in. We both were working in positions that would help us progress in life. I was ecstatic that she was there because it meant  a lot to the both of us that we had both achieved what we wanted. We had made a promise to help each other with our goals when we met during the 2016 Summer during the University of Michigan Summer Bridge program and we had kept our promise by continuing to support each other through thick and thin. I was happy that we had been able to work together to get to that point and to celebrate in New York.


During July Fourth, I met with another Michigan Wolverine. I met with a good friend of mine, Mallory Raven. It was another chance meeting where her family just happened to be visiting New York. They were kind enough to let me spend the day with them and fed me wonderful New York Pizza. The whole day was just a fun adventure as we travelled to where they were staying and I introduced myself to her family, we went to the 9/11 museum, and finally saw fireworks. The whole day was just amazing to me because I got to spend the day with an actual family. They were funny, they were always talking and inquiring, and they let me be apart of their family for the day.



Finally, Work also presented me with a valuable moment. I was able to go with Barry to a concert to conduct business with one of his clients. During that time, I heard how he spoke to clients, how he positioned himself, and how he used his professionalism to his advantage. I can not go into the specifics of everything because of confidentiality but it was a night that I really learned what it meant to own your own business and how to conduct yourself with high profiled clients.  

Overall, as I write this I am currently working next to friends I have made at NYU. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people, exploring the city, and being able to walk with the dog in the featured image. Not every story that I have presented is from my work. However, this was all made possible by this scholarship and this internship. I have had an amazing summer that has also been one where I learned key information about business. I am grateful for the opportunity to be out here and I know how lucky I am to have been able to have done as much as I have. I look forward to continuing to do my best and finishing the rest of my internship with integrity and grit.

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