Blog #2 | Work Culture | Jared Wangler

To me, work culture is about fostering an atmosphere that is beneficial for both employer and employees. Work culture is as important as anything else in a business because it can improve or deteriorate productivity. Work culture is very important to the founders of Valiant. Hard work and confidence are two values that are stressed throughout Valiant’s work culture. The people within the business who get the most done are the ones who are rewarded the most. The most important elements to me are hard work and a “team atmosphere”. It is difficult for me to work with someone who does not share the same motivation I have to do a great job. I enjoy working with others who work just as hard as I do. I also love businesses that ideally generate a “team atmosphere”. This is because I have played sports all of my life and I am used to everything working together to achieve one goal.

Valiant Brand’s work atmosphere aligns with my ideal work atmosphere entirely. I enjoy being in the presence of hard working individuals who are motivated to grow a clothing brand. Everyone works hard to do their job and not let one another down. This is the type of work environment I want to be a part of throughout my professional career. This is the type of atmosphere where I excel.


Valiant Brand

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