Blog #3 | Diversity | Jared Wangler

The Valiant Brand work atmosphere is one that I really enjoy for many reasons. The people are great and easy to work with. Our work group is not only diverse age-wise, but culturally as well. The age of Valiant Brand’s current employees ranges from 18 to 60. This is great because we have a combination of young ambitious workers and experienced wise workers. Valiant Brand’s work force does a great job of not discriminating on ideas based on age. I enjoy that thoroughly because the young workers in Valiant have come up with great ideas that have actually been put into production.

The cultural aspect of Valiant Brand’s workforce is great because we have workers of difference races and backgrounds. This is beneficial for the brand because it generates different view points and product ideas. For example, our workers from the suburbs of Detroit have less of an idea of what people from the city would like to see on a t’shirt than our workers who grew up in the city and vice versa. Valiant has a great mix.

Regarding myself, I have learned that as much I wanted to believe I have all of the answers, I simply don’t. I have been able to open my mind up more through my work experience with Valiant, recognizing that others are able to generate just as good, if not better, product and marketing ideas as I bring to the table.


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