Blog #5: Reaching the Half-way Point of my Internship

Wow, it is crazy to think that I am now already half way (actually a little more than half way) through my internship experience. It feels as if it was just yesterday that I was applying to work for the Victory Auto Group. I know that the saying, “it feels like just yesterday,” is one of the biggest cliches in the English language, but it really feels as if my internship as flown by. In many ways, the workdays at a car dealership really blend together. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as even though the daily routine may be the same, the customers which I deal with are not. In fact, each customer brings their own unique story and own unique challenges- and because of this, it is almost like the start of a new game or competition whenever I begin working a new day.

As I reach the midpoint of my internship, I think it is important to reflect back on the goals I set during my first blog post. To prevent you from having to search for my first blog, here were my goals:

“Although it is still early, I want to set some goals for my internship. One personal, tangible goal which I have is to sell four cars on my own. I feel that this is an attainable goal, as most of the full time sales staff will sell between 10-25 cars in a month. If I can reach this goal then I think that I will feel as if I have contributed to the dealership, as well as proved to myself that I can adapt to a new field and still achieve success. In addition, in a more broad and abstract sense I would like to gain more communication skills through this internship. Because even though I’m not sure that sales is something I would do as a career, the personal and in-personal communication skills which I practice through this internship will serve me for the rest of my life.”

When I reflect now on my goals, I feel that I have made significant progress on both. First, I have sold 6 cars so far, so I have already exceeded my initial goal of selling 4. However, I can still improve, and I now have a new goal of 10 cars before the end of my internship. Secondly, I do think that my communication skills have improved, especially over the phone. One reason this is true is because at our dealership we use a phone training system called phone ninja. The phone ninja system allows you to learn, practice, and then be graded based off your real calls with customers. And even though trying to follow the phone ninja system and word tracks may sound silly sometimes, I really do think that my communication skills have improved as a result of using the system. I can definitely still improve however, but I think that continued practice and experience will only help me to improve and perfect my communication skills.

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