Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration.

As I approach my senior year at the University of Michigan, I reflect back on my experiences at my most recent summer internship. Interning for the U.S. Probation office has sparked my interest in the criminal justice system and what social work aspects it has to offer. I am currently a psychology major with a minor in community action and social change. This internship has peaked my interest in being a probation officer because it offers aspects from both psychology and social work. Moving forward, I believe that this internship has steered me in the right direction and I am now interested in getting my masters in social work. I hope to pursue criminal justice during my remaining semester at the University of Michigan. There is one class offered here through the psychology department that allows students to visit prisons and observe the populations and the struggles they are faced with. It is called Project Outreach and I will definitely be taking this class. Thinking ahead, after I get my masters in social work I think that probation would be a great area for me to look in to. I would start at the county level or maybe apply to the federal level once a job opens up.

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